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Best Andaman Honeymoon Packages

Andaman Islands is a magical, mystical destination blessed with nature in abundance. Pristine beaches, turquoise waters and serenity make Andaman one of the “chosen” destinations for honeymooners. The beauty of this island is a perfect place to celebrate love and strengthen the bond between two souls.

Celebrate Togetherness at Andaman Honeymoon

Mystery, magic and thrill. That’s what Andaman Honeymoon has on its platter! Nestled in Bay of Bengal, this rainforest island will mesmerize you with its picturesque beauty. Long stretches of beaches, unending sea, clear skies and lush green trees along with heavenly breeze that soothes mind, body and soul. The atmosphere at Andaman is so romantic that it naturally makes for the best honeymoon destinations! To spice it up, you also get to experience adventurous thrills like never before.

That’s precisely why Andaman has become a favorite hotspot for honeymooners across the globe and so if you are planning your honeymoon trip to Andaman, make sure you do the bookings well in advance. Let’s explore what Andaman Honeymoon has in store for you:

Get Away to a Romantic Overture At Havelock Island

Experience true bliss at one of the Asia’s top 25 beaches, the Radhanagar beach at the Havelock Island! The white sandy shore, lined with coconut trees and turquoise waters create a romantic ambience. So, take a romantic walk at the beach, create awesome memories with supremely scenic backdrop!

Take A Dip With the Elephants at Elephant Beach!

Two is a company, Three is a crowd, but not if you have elephants to accompany you in your leisure swim with your beloved! Enjoy a “never before” experience as you and your partner soak in shimmering waters with elephants as company. The friendly elephants love to swim with humans, so there’s no cause to worry.

Experience Nature’s Wonder at Romantic Night in Havelock Island!

Feel the romance as the sea glows in the dark night. The tiny light bulbs that you’d see at one of the beaches in Havelock are actually deep sea fish and glow worms creating a romantic night for you. The nature’s extravaganza is available only on No moon nights. So, if plan your trip accordingly if you want to experience this eternal phenomenon

Deep Sea Walking – Get Closer To the Marine Life at North Bay

Enrich the bondage with your partner with deep sea walking. Watching vivid coloured coral reef and fishes floating all around you and your beloved is an enthralling experience. Deep sea walking does not require knowledge of swimming. The specially designed helmets allow you to breath normally even when under water. So, come get closer to the Marine Life at North Bay!

Banana Boat Ride – Blending Adventure with Romance!

Feel the cold water splash against your skin and get the adrenaline rush as the banana boat tied to a speed boat cuts through the sea in Port Blair. What can be more romantic then holding your partner and experiencing the thrill of moving in the sea. All the riders are given life jackets and a supervisor to ensure your trip is 100% safe. For the more adventurous types, you can also explore kayaking, jet skiing, speed boat ride and more!

Bask in the Glory of Andaman at the Museums

Walk hand in hand with the love of your life and whisper sweet nothings as you witness the glory of the Andaman at various museums. The Anthropological Museum offers an insight into the tribal lives of the Andanamese, Jarawas, Sentinels and the Onges. Get a glimpse into the biodiversity of the Andaman at the Samudrika Marine Museum and refresh yourself as you walk through the Forest Museum at Chathham Island. You’ll also get to see the Saw Mill built during the British regime.

Go on a Mountain Trek at Mount Harriet National Park

If you thought trekking was unromantic, think again. A mountain trail at the Mt. Harriet National Park will bind you with nature and your partner. Create lifetime memories with your soul mate as you witness incredible variety of flora and fauna enroute. The whispering winds will flutter many a hearts to make your trek a romantic rendezvous!

Explore the Limestone Caves in Baratang

Some journeys are as fascinating as the destination. A speed boat will take you to the amazing Limestone Caves in Baratang. While you enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains, trees and expanse of the sea with your soul mate, reach the Limestone Caves and enjoy dominating rock structures with stalagmites and stalactites inside!

Andaman Islands- Lover’s Paradise!

Let your love blossom and bloom in nature’s lap at Andaman Islands. The islands are beauty personified and have host of activities that strengthen the bond between the newlyweds. So, come explore, indulge and enjoy Andaman Islands, true paradise for lovers!


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Best andaman nicobar islands honeymoon tour packages price cost from chennai bangalore delhi.

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